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Beautiful tasting rooms, certified wine experts, renowned wineries and vineyards, and a luxurious vehicle to go to every winery are part of what is awaiting you in your next wine tour with us! Reserve our limo buses for your wine tours in North Carolina and get more than you expect in this new adventure through Appalachian High Country, Yadkin Valley, and the cities located in the most popular wine areas in North and South Carolina! We are, of course, speaking about Swan Creek, Blue Ridge, Blowing Rock, and Banner Elk. When you need reliable transportation for your tour, you really need us. Greensboro Party Buses is an experienced luxury transportation company that offers limo buses, limousines, and vans to help you complete your wine trails in the most comfortable and luxurious way. Let your winery tour in the best hands with our transportation services! There are so many award winning wines to taste and wineries to visit that you only need to focus on that and leave us the transportation part.

Most tours are just designed to bring large groups of people to learn more about the wineries and how they elaborate their best wines, but in our winery tours, you can actually have time to enjoy the beautiful landscapes and buy the wine you like and drink it on board the vehicle. The wine will always be at the right temperature to drink because our party buses and limousines have coolers where you can store them while you are enjoying another glass of good wine at one of the wineries on the tour. This is a great advantage you can benefit from if you book our wine tours cause we also take good care of the vehicles where we are carrying you. They are clean,well maintained, and built with modern designs that include premium amenities. We are sure that you will have the best experience once you choose us!

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The moment you pick our winery tours, you can relax cause you know you will have many perks as a good price and a beautiful vehicle like the one you see in the pictures.

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Luxury Vehicles

For winery tours in Appalachian High Country (Blowing Rock & Banner Elk).

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Top notch limos

Visit the best North Carolina Wineries in Yadkin Valley.

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Hop in a stellar limo

We'll take you to the best wineries and vineyards in North Carolina.

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Top Vehicles

For special winery tours in Swan Creek.

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Reserve a party bus for your wine tours.

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For five star wine trails.

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Top Rated Winery Tours

With our Asheville wine tour, you will discover that the world of good wines and popular wineries in North Carolina is more interesting than you have always thought. These wine tours clearly adapt to your wine preferences and the places to hang out with friends in a calm atmosphere. Our North Carolina wine tours are ideal for having a good moment far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. And you may be wondering why choose us over the other options. Well, we are confident that we offer the best winery tours in North Carolina. Our drivers are reliable and punctual; our cars are in perfect condition, and our prices are unbeatable. You won't be able to find an opportunity like this easily in other companies, so if you're here, take this as a sign to book that wine tour you've always wanted to do with your friends or family.

Plan your tour however you want. You can add or remove the stops you want. The only thing you have to do is tell us in advance the schedule you want to follow as well as the places you plan to visit. We will use that information to make a plan that our driver will follow. This way, you will have a complete winery tour, and you will not have to sacrifice stops because there is not enough time. In the end, you will enjoy a perfect day in Yadkin Valley, and we will bring you back to the city full of good memories.

The best limo service for your tour

For a fancier experience at your next winery tour, we invite you to rent a luxurious limousine! This is the perfect service if you want to impress your date. Pick her up in a wonderful vehicle and take her on a tour of the best wineries in the area. Arriving anywhere in a limo will always create a great impact, but arriving in a limo at a sophisticated winery is a thousand times more romantic and dramatic. That's why we recommend using our services to do something innovative for that special person.

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